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USC KDSAP is a student-run organization located at USC's undergraduate campus (UPC). Founded in 2017 and in partnership with USC's Keck School of Medicine, we provide free kidney health screenings and health education to underserved communities in Los Angeles. Ninety percent of those with chronic kidney disease are unaware that they have it until it is too late, and given that 15% of the US adult population has CKD, there is a need for organizations dedicated to combatting this disease. In fact, since CKD has an even higher prevalence amongst the LA demographic, USC students are in a unique position to make a difference.

By organizing free LA-based kidney screenings for people with little-to-no access to healthcare services, hosting educational events in schools and around the community to raise awareness, and offering professional development opportunities to our members to help make a larger impact, USC KDSAP is dedicated to creating a safer, healthier Los Angeles environment.

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