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How do we serve the Los Angeles community?

The Community Involvement team seeks to establish long-lasting partnerships with local and campus organizations, expand USC KDSAP’s service via established community partnerships, and disseminate CKD information to a wide array of audiences. Members will develop a sense of community with local residents as they work closely with them to improve their kidney health.

World Kidney Day Conference

  • Presented to Los Angeles residents in English and Spanish about kidney function and CKD progression. Hosted 5 panelists including nephrologists and a kidney transplant recipient.

2019 Annual Kidney Screening

  • Facilitated free kidney screenings to over 120 Los Angeles residents with USC faculty, assisting underinsured individuals.

Med-COR NAI Presentation on Diet and Exercise

  • Presented to Los Angeles residents about CKD and the effects of lifestyle choices, primarily diet and exercise, and how they affect their kidneys and overall health.

Healthy Grocery Voucher Program

  • Partnered with USC Keck Nutritionist Susan Kim to promote a grocery voucher program among the local community that encourages healthy eating habits with regards to renal health.

Health Lecture Series

  • Worked with Education to create three-part lecture series on kidney health, each focusing on a specific aspect of CKD, be it treatment, prevention, or biology.



How can we teach others about
Chronic Kidney Disease?

Education is the information frontier and brainstorming port of USC KDSAP. We are responsible for the creation of kidney education and information, and help facilitate its communication. We also design and conduct kidney disease screening training workshops to ensure all members are well prepared for the clinical and patient-interaction elements of our health screenings.

NAI Lectures

  • Bimonthly presentational initiatives to local families affiliated with Neighborhood Academic Initiative. Includes impacts of CKD the LatinX Los Angeles demographic as well as Spanish translations for all materials presented and shared.

Hoover Health Fair

  • Presented a poster board teaching about CKD at Hoover Elementary School to local families in partnership with CHIP.

CKD Cookbook

  • Series of five hand-crafted kidney friendly recipes, including ingredients, preparation techniques, and the unique facilitation of kidney health.

Screening Workshops

  • Train members how to use glucometer, urinalysis, and blood pressure usage for future kidney screenings. Teach how to interact with community members from a health-based caregiver's perspective.


  • Comprehensive document outlining all CKD information.



How can we broaden USC KDSAP's scope?

Public Relations is USC KDSAP’s team in charge of directing communication to our target audiences including the Los Angeles community, USC and local high school students, nephrologists, social media users, and more. Public Relations facilitates partnerships with fellow campus organizations, local healthcare organizations, and KDSAP chapters across the nation. Members on the Public Relations team are integral to promoting the growth and scope of USC KDSAP throughout the year by working closely with Community Involvement and Education to ensure effective publicization of our organization.

Fundraiser and Documentary for Kidney Transplant

  • Created an interactive social media campaign + GoFundMe to fundraise for kidney transplant for a USC KDSAP's member's family member in Jalisco Mexico. Produced a 7-minute documentary highlighting their struggles fighting acute kidney disease.


  • Compile a monthly newsletter composed of USC KDSAP updates and accomplishments throughout the year, as well as information regarding the status of other KDSAP chapters.

Video Series

  • Kidney Talks and Kidney Kids

    • Developed two series for older and younger audiences respectively to serve as educational videos about CKD, kidney health, and lifestyle disease prevention.

  • Kidney Corner

    • Podcast series interviewing CKD patients, kidney donors, nephrologists, nutritionists, and several other unique guests to highlight the experiences related to CKD.

Social Media

  • Manage the USC KDSAP Instagram and Facebook accounts by posting unique infographics and stories on a weekly schedule, as well as promote upcoming events and newly released projects.

Website Management and Photography

  • Consistently update the USC KDSAP website with announcements, resources and media, as well as expand the photo gallery to showcase our accomplishments.

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